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In 1992 the continuous multi-purpose production plant for liquid organic peroxides was coming on stream and by 1994 the non-continuous multi-purpose production for solid organic peroxides had been put into operation.

In order to extend the production capacity and to create redundant structures Perga-Chem GmbH in Quedlinburg was acquired as the second German production site of PERGAN GmbH. In 2000 a high-bay warehouse was constructed that was revolutionary in its concept and capacity for storage of organic peroxides world wide.

The continued globalization in specialty chemicals required a global presence of PERGAN GmbH: In 2004 Pergan GmbH started production as the majority-owned, joint venture "PERGAN FINE Chemical (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. ". In 2007 "PERGAN Marshall LLC" (USA) was acquired with world-scale production capacity.

With the implementing of two new, modern production lines for liquid organic peroxides in 2010 in Bocholt and in 2013 in Marshall, Texas, the PERGAN Group continues to invest in the future. Recognizing the exceptional entrepreneurial achievements of PERGAN GmbH was awarded the Jury Award of Stadtsparkasse, Bocholt "Company of the Year 2010" in 2011.


With plants in Germany, the USA and China, we are wherever you are.


The PERGAN group has established itself in recent years as a leading producer of organic peroxides, and exports to more than 50 countries. With more than 250 employees at the locations in Germany, China and USA the group produces 50 different peroxide types and more than 300 customer-oriented peroxide formulations.

The headquarter of the PERGAN group is based in the industrial park of Bocholt. This site has an ISO 9001 and an ISO 14001 certification and produces solid and liquid organic peroxides as well as further additives for the plastic producing and processing industry.

The site in Quedlinburg is part of the PERGAN group since 1992 and is specialized on the production of Peroxyesters, Peroxydicarbionates and Diacylperoxides.

Marshall, USA
The Marshall, Texas site has been producing organic peroxides since 1968. In 2007 the PERGAN group acquired the organic peroxide business and the Marshall site.

Tianjin, China
PERGAN Fine Chemical (Tianjin) Co., Ltd is producing organic peroxides for the production of mass plastics. The ISO 9001 certified facility located in Tianjin's Xiqing District was put into operation in 2004. Since 2005 this joint venture is majority owned by the PERGAN group.


Foundation PERGAN GmbH


Moving of PERGAN GmbH in the industrial park Bocholt


Foundation Perga-Chem GmbH in Quedlinburg as a second production site


Opening of a continuous production system (Multi-Purpose) for the production of liquid organic peroxides in Bocholt


Opening of a discontinuous plant for the production of solid organic peroxides in Bocholt


Construction of the world's only high-bay warehouse for organic peroxides in Bocholt


Joint Venture PERGAN FINE Chemical (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (China) takes newly built plant in operation


Acquisition of "PERGAN Marshall LLC" (USA)


Opening of a new continuous production line for liquid organic peroxides in Bocholt


Awardarding the prize "Company of the Year 2010" by Stadtsparkasse Bocholt


Opening of a new production line for liquid organic peroxides in Marshall, Texas, USA



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